Cotton Eco Fashion is a readymade garments manufacturing company. It is inspected, assessed & certified according to the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Organic Clothing has been our passion. We have been working since 2000 in the field of Organic Clothing. Inspired by our own consciences and ground level working experiences we gained the knowledge. As a result we resolved to offer & promote natural, chemical, pesticide free clothing that enables the preservation of a beautiful world for our children to grow up in, with luxuriously-soft organic cotton and sweatshop-free manufacturing. With a clear vision, great passion, strong determination and big dreams, but limited resources, we dreamt of starting our own company. Based on our diverse backgrounds, working experiences and talents we created our company by keeping in mind sustainable and socially responsible values — and thus CEF was born! FAITH makes all things possible! HOPE makes all things work!


To help dress the world in Organic Clothing


Offering, encouraging & enabling worldwide people to wear affordable organic clothes.


To use both sides of the paper

To keep our surrounding neat & clean 

To manufacture sustainable clothing 

To avoid using plastic as much as possible

To prevent waste 

To plant trees

Exercising due care in ensuring compliance of the products as per GOTS


coming soon


We are located at shed number C1B-250/2 at Umbergaon Industrial Estate, Gujarat state of India. It is 150 kms from north of Mumbai. It takes about 3 hours by road from Mumbai. One can travel by train also with the same time.